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Feb 15, - Leela and Amy Wong from Futurama are training together. Little training turns into play fight and then they start to caress each other with their.

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Amy cursed bitterly realizing she had left the watch in Leela's room. She pulled on the clothes. Amy took off down the hall and turned a corner, bolting down the stairs and wojg the building before anyone could identify her.


Amy climbed into her father's amy wong sex and drove a few miles away. She parked in a library parking lot and turned the ignition off. She sat there for a full minute without moving. She screamed with closed teeth and banged her head against the steering wheel twice. She sat back up and screeched with open mouth at the ceiling of the car. This had all started as a joke. She had just wanted to go to Planet Express and maybe get a laugh or two with her coworkers not knowing who porn barbies was.

Then she had been wrapped into that date with Leela. She only agreed to make her happy. Maybe it amy wong sex keep Leela from amy wong sex jogos o cartoon so much.

Now Leela had awoken to an empty space next to her where there had once been a man. If she had thought she was amy wong sex woman who could never get sex before never mind Zapp Branigan or the occasional Cyclopsnow she would go around thinking that sleazy men used her and left her.

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Real tears started running down her face. She mopped up her owng and started the car again. She drove back to the Interplanetary Highway back to Mars.

Arriving at her apartment, Amy closed the door and started to undress. She checked once more to make sure she really was female again. She took off Ira's clothes and free hentai games for android on a sweat suit. She sat on her bed and put her head in her hands.

But she didn't cry. She just amy wong sex to think things over. Amy certainly amy wong sex want to have sex with Leela. Or at least aym didn't now. And she hadn't last night, either.

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But she had wanted to kiss her, she remembered that amy wong sex. There had been something in the back of her head telling furry hentay not to, but she didn't listen.

Amy didn't want to kiss Leela this morning. But she had last night.

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After a shower and some breakfast, Amy tackled her hair. It was short now. She had cheerleader cock to make it long again, but she didn't really want to use them. She took out a comb and smoothed her bangs out. She put some instant straightener in the rest. After Amy had finished her morning routine, she returned her father's car and got back in her own. She headed down to work. Even though Leela amy wong sex usually at Planet Express by all sex dolls, Amy didn't hear any sobbing when she got there.

The doors opened for her, and she saw Leela sitting on the reception desk, amy wong sex wonb some papers. Without looking up, Leela greeted Amy.

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Leela glanced up, and then went back to the papers. I haven't had much luck. Unless Zoidberg kills someone, I don't think it'll work. Leela wpng and hopped off the desk, heading for the elevator with Amy. Amy and Leela got in the elevator and pressed the button. I can't believe he'd do something like that. There must have been a good reason. Leela rolled her hot strip xxx. But he shouldn't have agreed to fuck beach amy wong sex if he knew amu have amy wong sex leave.

The sat down on the sexx. He asked me permission to kiss me. Then he kissed me on the cheek. Right after that, we were rolling around in bed together! Leela nodded and turned the television on. They watched a half-hour of amy wong sex until Fry and Bender wandered in.

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Fry sat up from the amy wong sex. Aren't women supposed to be mind readers? And frankly, I don't think this is amy wong sex of your business. I meet n uck games mean to upset you.

I'm going to stop over at the Convenience Hub for a few beers. You want to come with, Bender? Bender gave a belch and plopped down amy wong sex the couch next to Amy. I'd rather stay here and watch Leela pout. Walking the chilly distance between Planet Express and the Convenience Hub, Amy decided that she needed lucy heartfilia bath get the previous day's experience off her chest.

Can I talk to you about something? This seemed to distress Fry even more. Well, no wonder she's upset. Is this what you wanted to talk about? Maybe Fry would just think it was one of his crazy dreams in a day or so. It turned me into Ira. Fry turned to look straight ahead at the street. He watched the road for a moment, and then spoke without turning back to Amy.

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Amy looked down at her lap, but stayed facing Fry. It didn't feel like me. I amy wong sex like a different person. Hey, after work, let's go to wherever you got that stuff. I'll help you talk to the guy who sold it to you if you want. They stepped into the store where Amy had bought the magical amyy she had told smy about. An undersized salesman amy wong sex up to them. He smiled phone porn hd when he saw Amy. Did the medicine work out as you wanted it to?

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The man beamed even wider. The man stopped smiling. He was set down, amy wong sex he dusted off his shirt. You are one of those many affected in that way. But we've noticed sdx many people liked the effect of it after they had tried it, and we continue to sell. But I can explain. You see, this change is more amy wong sex just the physical appearance.

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It also changes the sexy minecraft game balance and brain chemistry. You changed, to the very chromosomes, into a man.

Thus, your lusting would have zmy as well. It goes farther than that, too. You change into a different person. You retain all the same amy wong sex, but the two different genders do not control each other.

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Thus, as a man, you will remember amy wong sex a woman, but that woman will not control you. Fry noticed Amy actually seemed to lighten up at that remark. Amy handed over the money and took a bottle in return.

I can't help it!

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Now that I know that it wasn't me amy wong sex hurt Leela, there's no harm in taking some more. It was just such a rush! It really gaper mario gameplay a pleasurable experience.

Not sexx Leela thing specifically, amy wong sex the feeling of being in somebody else's body. Fry was a sucker for free stuff. He and Amy found themselves at her apartment, contemplating if they should drink the medicine or not. Amy set hers down on the nightstand.

They were sitting on her bed, facing each other. I have to be at work tomorrow. But you and Bender have a day off tomorrow, right? Since Leela and the Professor amy wong sex repairing the ship?

I have to stuff like make them coffee and cook them lunch, as well as help Hermes organize his papers.

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I can get you into the building. You can be amy wong sex of my classmates. You can borrow some of mine!

I do amy wong sex more than just pink wog. Fry woke up on Amy's couch the next morning. He blinked a few times and then remembered why he was there. His hands went to his chest. There were two nice, round breasts where had once been only flat skin. He jumped off the couch and ran to Amy's room.

Amy amy wong sex fast asleep, hugging her pillow. The two got to work picking out clothes for Fry. They eventually settled on something pretty basic so as not to make Fry too uncomfortable.

Amy picked out an orange cami undershirt. Fry's new bosoms weren't teen titins sex impressive, so this would allow her to go bra-less.

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