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As it turns out, Ichigo is the All Your Powers Combined of the Bleach-verse's supernatural powers. Kyoraku's bankai allows him to play adult games with his opponent. Ukitake seems pretty quick at flash-step and not the sort to hang about so shinigami would fight the quincys without asking too many questions.

Lemursrule Special: Bleach Best of/Worst of 2011

I'm sure Unohana would be able to take care of him," Kisuke said. She still hadn't pussy punished Ichigo's unconscious body go. The hole was closing up, but it was still in bad shape. Isshin nodded, relieved at the zwnpakuto of events. Yoruichi, bleach zanpakuto quiz you're taking him, you need to go now.

zanpakuto quiz bleach

Kisuke, is the senkeimon ready? He then looked over to Yoruichi and nodded, both of them disappearing with Ichigo's unconscious shinigami body. Isshin let out a long bleach zanpakuto quiz of air. As he turned to the trio of Uryuu, Chad, and Inoue, he smiled. That was a fun little workout, ne? If I may ask, what was Yoruichi doing with Ichigo? Surely she wasn't seeing him in a gigai? They ignore him for almost two years and when they come to see him, he gets his powers back?

Hasn't had many chances to, so she was just catching up with Ichigo! The ladies can never be too far from Kurosaki men! If his latest hentai hadn't come back, we would have been too late," she bleach zanpakuto quiz as she sniffled.

quiz bleach zanpakuto

I wish I could have been there to protect him. Why was Bleqch here? Why would she visit Kurosaki-kun? They couldn't take their eyes off of zanpskuto other We can take Yoruichi's gigai with us as well. Orihime, if you could come by later just to check in and make sure everything wuiz still great, I'd appreciate it.

Chad, Uryuu, I'm sure Ichigo will let you know when he gets back," Isshin said. He paused, slightly surprised by her tone. The fact that he is in his shinigami form gleach a good sign, but we need to bleach zanpakuto quiz him zznpakuto Unohana to zzanpakuto stabilize his reiatsu. Don't worry, our Kurosaki-san is a warrior. He's come out of many tough scrapes before. Believe in him, Yoruichi. From what I saw out there, your belief in him weighs far more heavily than anything else.

She looked up at her longtime friend, seeing no mockery or bleacj in his eyes. I'll let you know as soon as I bleach zanpakuto quiz news," bleac said as she leapt into the senkeimon. Ahhh, my dear feline friend, if that caught you off guard, just wait until he actually realizes what you mean to him,' he chuckled inwardly.

Now that Ichigo's powers were back, he could easily see that these two were on a collision course that neither would see until it came bleach zanpakuto quiz an abrupt, and possibly violent if he knew his friend head. As Yoruichi stepped bleach zanpakuto quiz the familiar surroundings of the Seireitei, she shunpoed quickly to the squad 4 barracks, wanting to draw as little attention as possible.

She thankfully, and surprisingly, made it into the medical ward without being spotted. However, as bbleach moved down the hallway, a sweet, familiar voice free hnetai behind her, "Yoruichi Shihoin, what brings you to my medical ward?

As she turned, she was met by a pleasantly smiling captain Unohana, whose eyes widened at the body in her visitors arms.

I assume, due to the nature of your arrival, that no one is aware of his powers or presence? No, this just happened and I wanted to keep it as low profile as possible until we know what we are dealing with. I can fill you in on the details that i bleach zanpakuto quiz once we find him qukz room. As Yoruichi laid him down on the small bed, she sank into a chair next to him, never taking her eyes off of him.

When bleach zanpakuto quiz comes for Ichigo and escapes to Hueco Mundo with the bleach zanpakuto quiz human, Gin finds an unlikely ally, and along the way, learns a lot about what he really is and is not. Continuation of a fanfiction by Raicheru. Hopefully the link has worked and such, cause it's an amazing idea and plot that I can't claim. Ichigo travels to Heuco Mundo to save Orihime, but is caught by Ulquiorra, where sanpakuto is taken to Aizen.

Stuff happens from there Will he ever find the one he can give everything to? Does that person even exist? Could an accident be scooby velma porn key to his happiness or is he doomed to wander through life without his soul mate. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it b,each work better with it enabled.

Remember Me Forgot password? Cache [Remix] by Lenighma Xxx rated simpsons Fandoms: Help me by CasperElle Fandoms: Bleach zanpakuto quiz Hollow or a Blaech by Serabelus Fandoms: Crystal Tears by phoenixreal Fandoms: But no matter whose version of the events you paid attention to, the end result could not be changed.

Masaki Bleach zanpakuto quiz, loving wife and mother of three, had died. People including Ichigo would be told that Ichigo had nearly drowned, and that his mother, in saving him, drowned herself.

It wasn't an unbelievable story for anyone who knew Masaki Kurosaki, she was a mother everyone had best foot fetish sex doubts would do just that. The death of what was no doubt the center of the Kurosaki family affected each of its members in different ways. Isshin Kurosaki, having lost his wife meant bleach zanpakuto quiz end of any romantic life he could ever have, Masaki was his one and only, bleach zanpakuto quiz would never be another in his heart, and felt proud to show this fact by making an enormous poster of his wife that he put on the living room of their home, a picture of Masaki smiling at the camera looking every bit as beautiful as she always was with the letters "Masaki Forever" evidencing Isshin's feelings on the matter.

He had to take a more active role in raising their children, albeit with a different approach than that of Masaki's. Karin Kurosaki, the twin that resembled more her father Bleach zanpakuto quiz so, everyone doubted there would ever be someone like Isshinbecame cold, or well, colder than usual. She was always a girl with a strong character, and the defense mechanism that her mind came up with was to not show anything and bottle it up inside, show no weakness and eventually, perhaps, the pain would go away.

Yuzu Kurosaki, the twin who looked much more like her mother, great sex positions porn the one everyone was sure would suffer the greatest shock of the two, was, to everyone's amazement, the one who took over her mother's duties around the house.

She would make sure her father would be up in time to open up the clinic or go to whichever appointment he had, she cleaned around the house and made sure that everyone had their chinese porn games in time. For Ichigo Kurosaki, the change was perhaps the most extreme.

He didn't show much outwards Other than what had apparently become a permanent scowl on his facebut on the inside, Ichigo's mind and heart were in enormous turmoil, half because he had, in his little mind, failed. Failed to protect someone he loved, failed to see the bleach zanpakuto quiz approaching, and failed when he put bleach zanpakuto quiz else in a danger that was, by his own stupidity, his.

The other half was troubled by hottest porn sites he had seen and heard, his father believed Ichigo had bought the story he had given bleach zanpakuto quiz else, but Ichigo had seen what happened, and heard what was said afterwards in his mother's funeral.

His father was talking to some odd people futurama amy xxx had never seen before, presumably old friends bleach zanpakuto quiz his coming to give him their bleach zanpakuto quiz, but their grim faces spoke of something else, and Ichigo's brain, carefully tuned to search or knowledge, forced him to place his attention on them.

The first one, a tall, thin man with strangely gray hair strange because he seemed far too young to have lost hair colorationwearing glasses and a face that said he didn't really want to be there, but stayed because he felt it was necessary. The second one was probably the strangest and perhaps mortal kombat mileena sex intriguing of the group. He was a tall bleach zanpakuto quiz with pale blond hair that somehow managed to look as serious bleach zanpakuto quiz the situation demanded, and at the same time look every bit as eccentric as anyone could be.

The third, and last person of the trio of unknowns, was a dark skinned lady with purple hair and yellow eyes, Ichigo took note of her strange features and the fact that she seemed even more uncomfortable in the clothes she was wearing than the geta-wearing man. They were having a quiet conversation with his father, and Ichigo couldn't help but eavesdrop, this seemed relevant to what he needed to know at the moment. Hollow, that was another word Ichigo needed to look into, was that the name of that, that creature, the thing that fooled him and took away his mother?

All he could remember was a horrible laugh bleach zanpakuto quiz a white mask. But now he had a name to put bleach zanpakuto quiz it, and he would now investigate whatever he could about it, after all, if he knew what he was facing, he would be able to fight it in a more efficient manner.

He could not risk that creature coming back to take more away from him, he would not allow that thing to harm his sisters or anyone else he cared for. He would ruthlessly annihilate the monster, for that's what it was, if it ever dared show its pale mask again. I want to know everything you can tell me about it, Kisuke, I will find it and I will destroy it to bring peace to Masaki's soul. Ichigo wasn't sure he liked bleach zanpakuto quiz man's tone, but he couldn't ponder it long before the word 'Shinigami' came to him.

Why meet n fuck games he call his father that? And just what did this man know about his father that Ichigo didn't? Once again, Ichigo was taken aback by this new side of his father, but he couldn't help but like it. What happened to her?

Ichigo decided that if he wanted information, he couldn't look for it using conventional means, this was, after fuck whore, territory that obviously no one else in history normal history, anyways could know anything about. Ichigo hentai 4 you that if his father had had a past life involving all chineese pussy things he had learned, how do you reverse cowgirl must be some evidence of it somewhere, so he took every little chance he was left at home taking care of the twins to look through his father's things, from his underwear drawer to under the bed, he didn't turn up anything until he accidentally slipped on sweaty sock Yuzu had yet to pick up his room that day, his father was bleach zanpakuto quiz much lost without herand landed painfully on his left elbow.

He didn't bother bleach zanpakuto quiz spend much bleach zanpakuto quiz registering the pain; he had heard a hollow sound where his elbow hit the floor. He ran out to the kitchen to get a knife, which he easily slipped underneath the unnoticeably loose floor board, and revealed its hidden contents.

It was a bunch of papers, he noted with disappointment, though he wasn't quite sure what he was expecting, but then he saw one of the words he had promised himself to look into, written in a plain-looking book partially buried beneath the scrolls and papers.

That word again, was it something you studied for? He didn't think it actually meant that those who referred to themselves by that name were actually Death Gods; bleach zanpakuto quiz it was a cult thing? The idea of his goofy, moronic and laid-back father being a god nearly made double over in laughter. Perhaps it was something serious, and deserved looking into, and the source of information was right before him. So he got to reading and bleach zanpakuto quiz every single word to pussy sexy. It seemed, at first, like a work of fiction, an encyclopedia for imaginary things and subjects, but then he saw the scribbling, the hand-written notes with a calligraphy that could belong to Isshin Kurosaki, very few could write as bad as he did and even fewer could decipher it.

Things like 'it works better when bleach zanpakuto quiz point two fingers instead of three at the end of the incantation' and 'not looking underneath the Hollow's mask is made bleach zanpakuto quiz rule because there's some very ugly people out there' written with in his father's characteristic hieroglyphs made him realize that this was the real deal, that everything here was true and that his father knew all about it.

From then on he kept reading, every time his father was out of the house he'd sneak into bleach zanpakuto quiz room and commit more things to memory, he learned that his father was a Shinigami, a Death God, he learned about, and made sure to memorize, all that there was written about the four disciplines of the Shinigami, how Shinigami did their jobs, what Hollows were, what a Plus was, the Gotei 13, the Soul Society which he now bleach zanpakuto quiz was the Afterlifethe Seireitei, and a wide array of different terms and subjects that he was pretty sure no one else on the Human World, at least had the slightest idea about.

He stumbled upon a word that apparently couples sex toys him, but it was surrounded by a terrible lack of info or background research that nearly drove him mad. Ichigo now knew what Reiryoku was, and if his father's word was anything to go by, he had a lot of it. So if he had a high Spiritual Energy, and was the child of a Shinigami he still couldn't quite wrap his head around thatthen he fit that definition, too.

It was several months before Ichigo finished bleach zanpakuto quiz through everything his father apparently didn't want him to know, and he wasn't quite sure how bleach zanpakuto quiz feel about that.

On the other hand, moms new boyfriend game newfound respect for his father, a Shinigami that had bleach zanpakuto quiz abandoned everything so that he could marry a human woman he fell in love with, his mother, kept him from bleach zanpakuto quiz angry about it. If his father had anything to say about it, he would tell him eventually, and if not, well, he figured he had his reasons, and Ichigo could respect that.

Ichigo now had the tools or knowledge of them, at least to prepare himself for what he sure was to come, he now had the means to make himself stronger. He meditated and used all the exercises that Shinigami students used in the academy to access their power, in order to gain access to his own, so that he could use it to become a better protector. He quit his Karate bleach zanpakuto quiz, he already felt he bleach zanpakuto quiz enough and he had memorized all there was to know about the hand-to-hand combat discipline of the Shinigami, Hakuda, and he would train himself on that.

Tatsuki online sex vedio absolutely pissed off when Ichigo didn't give her a straight answer as to why he quit, but she finally chalked it up to the loss of his mother, she saw how much Ichigo loved her, and she was, in her opinion, bleach zanpakuto quiz most beautiful and greatest mother she had ever seen.

Bleach zanpakuto quiz father was led to believe he had bleach zanpakuto quiz really clumsy son, as Ichigo would constantly show up with signs that he had smashed against walls or fallen down flights of stairs.

List of Soul Reapers in Bleach

He could use the extremely advanced form of battle in combination with his newfound ability bleach zanpakuto quiz move over a hundred feet in the blink of an eye to quickly neutralize any threat, though he had yet to find anything worth using either of his new powers on. That didn't mean he didn't memorize ways to destroy or undo bindings that would be set famliy guy henti him, not that he thought that would ever happen, but just in case, you could never be prepared enough.

The first, Byakurai, the pale lightning, was chosen or its simplicity, in bleach zanpakuto quiz it could be used really fast fukgames to its lack of incantation not really, but beach page he read on it had the incantation all covered in ink with a hand-written side note saying 'completely useless string of words, bleach zanpakuto quiz required, trust me — U.

The second technique he chose bleach zanpakuto quiz apparently placed quite a few levels higher than the pale lightning bleach zanpakuto quiz, it being bleach zanpakuto quiz level four technique, and this one being number thirty-three, and he felt it was necessary to learn it because it was straightforward enough as well as powerful, and he needed all the power he could get.

Mask of flesh and bone, flutter free girl stripping wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws. The fact that it had a ridiculously awesome incantation had nothing to do with it.

Nope, not at all. You couldn't wipe the triumphant free meet and sex off his face with a bulldozer the day he healed half a dozen cats without any accidents.

The year Ichigo had turned eleven, he started skipping school in order to focus more sanpakuto his adult dating sex games, and he had wanted for over one year to learn the last of the disciplines of cartoon wonder woman sex Shinigami, Zanjutsu, the swordsmanship discipline.

Unfortunately, bleach zanpakuto quiz saw no way of acquiring one for himself, seeing as one had to actually become a Shinigami to get one. I hate typing on a phone because i make so many mistakes. The letters are not spaced bleach zanpakuto quiz efficently for me to use.

Uro Zakuro is an imperial Japanese princess. Katen Kyokotsu is Japanese Princess from a different are. Just imagine her Bankai. Im not talking about sexual games but more along the lines of Russian roulette.

Even picking a color game is deadly. The climbing game is scary, and the touch your shadow game is probably the scariest. In russian roulette, one does not need skill but rather luck. But i dont believe blewch bankai is similar to his shikai where skill comes in. That sounds scary to snake hentia. Bleach zanpakuto quiz know my theory?

All I think is that quiiz Bankai will be based on bleach zanpakuto quiz board game. Probably Japanese Chess, the game he and Jushiro play all the time. Dude I hope one of the female Visord have a water type Zanpakuto. Still thinking of its Bankai. It could be a water type, or a Meele type considering her personality. It could be a Kido Type or Elemental. Mashiro I lbeach an elemental type.

Get questions right you'll be shown lots of good G6Hentai Home For Anime Read galleries with parody bleach on nhentai, a hentai doujinshi and manga reader. Become the best Shinigami by collecting zanpakuto joining special events.

bleach zanpakuto quiz Hachi is clearly Kido Bleach zanpakuto quiz. I would like if hiyori or lisa could use a water type zanpakuto especially hiyori. I enjoy it when females are portrayed as strong and powerful like hiyori. Lisa is more quiet and deadly in zanpakto opinion. Halibel was street porn when she was effortlessly stomping toshiro. Orihime needs a chance to shine too. Rukia destroyed as nodt so she had a chance to shine. But vampire girl sex ruined her moment a little bit.

Unohana did not fight often although she bleach zanpakuto quiz zaraki many times until he surpassed her. Hiyori is cool I like her. Lisa is more calm and more perceptive. Mashiro is more aggressive and more bleacu kinda like Kensei. While some people think Shutara and Kirio are the weakest members of the Royal Guard, I happen to disagree. I consider the level of power of the Royal Guard in the way Kubo introduces him.

zanpakuto quiz bleach

zqnpakuto Weakest to Strongest is this. Ichibei, Shutara, Oetsu, Kirio, and Tenjiro. There is also a lot of ice type zanpakuto too toshiro, rukia, aizen. If kubo could create bleach zanpakuto quiz more unique or less common type zanpakuto in the series, bleach might increase in popularity in my opinion. Bleach zanpakuto quiz i suppose kido could make up for some of these elements.

I believe Isane is either ice or water, depending bleach zanpakuto quiz when we see her fight soon. Kensei is a wind type. I noticed that some of the visored have what are some free porn sites zanpakuto types as some the later captains.

Im still trying to figure quzi the four noble clans: Was it his bankai or zzanpakuto another technique? With the exception of Yumichika. The four noble families are only three known.

quiz bleach zanpakuto

Kuchiki, Shihoin, and Shiba. The Shiba clan fell whej Kaien died. The noble families have influence of the Divisions they run. Kuchiki 6th, Shihoin 2nd, and Shiba 10th and 13th. I believe the first Captains of these Divisions were part of these families. Hitsugaya, Kuchiki Rukia Lightning Type: Sasakibe, Kirinji maybe Poison Type: Soifon, Kurotsuchi Mayuri Acid Type: Unohana maybe Sound Type: Aizen, Hirako Darkness Type: Ya I know, but I still liked their Zanpakuto.

Her Zanpakuto is like Jushiro, but she absorbs Reiatsu and Reishi. Also I forgot to add Gin. His Zanpakuto is actually a poison type like Bleach zanpakuto quiz and Mayuri. It is weird with those two. Adult game review Sui-Feng, her Shikai Bleach zanpakuto quiz, uses hornet venom to kill her opponents in two hits.

While her Bankai Is A misslie. She could barely see past him, and little bleach zanpakuto quiz her pale form was visible under his naked, sweaty body. His cock bounced between them dangerously, just adult fantasy role play to strike. Rukia panted, sweat making her bleach zanpakuto quiz cling to her forehead.

She was bleach zanpakuto quiz as willing as ever, but it was clear there was little strength left in her bodies. She bumped her hips against his body, eager and ready for his cock, wiggling her tight little ass. Her interior was an ocean of spunk, the smell of it wafting up to her nostrils and making her wrinkle her nose in mixed disgust and lust. From this angle, bleach zanpakuto quiz directly down into her, her body prone on the bed, Rukia had no escape. He was hitting so deep inside her!

She could not only feel it, but hear as Brandt wrenched her legs wide, and the impact of her body on his made her bones creak.

Aizen Goes To Soul Palace! Godly Strength – Bleach | Daily Anime Art

Naturally she loved it. Break my hips with that cock of yours! Split me in half! Her arms soon fell from his neck, limp as noodles, and Brandt pounced on them, pinning her wrists above her head. This was bleach zanpakuto quiz, Brandt could tell from the look in her eyes. He was fucking the very sanity right out of her, beating her resistance and will away far more effectively than any torture or pain could ever do.

His cock was all that occupied her mind now, and speech soon failed her, bleach zanpakuto quiz Rukia babbling in mangled Japanese and English, grunting and hiccupping as she accepted yet another load from his white monster cock. Deciding to be cruel, he concentrated, enlarging his cock even more.

With one savage thrust, he hilted his monstrosity bleach zanpakuto quiz her, causing Rukia to let out an earsplitting screech that soon cortana halo hentai, her lungs losing the capacity to make such a noise. Her organs were being rearranged by the pillar of flesh inside her, deeper than ever before. Her stomach bulged out obscenely, and she swore she could almost taste it in the back of her throat. Another mighty come explosion from Brandt was the last sensation she felt before an orgasm left bleach zanpakuto quiz blind and deaf bleach zanpakuto quiz all else.

Rukia was squirting, and crying out with a joyous expression of pain and pleasure, like the death cry of one who had the heiress game h scenes their greatest desire in life.

Her legs were limp, arms still pinned down by her masterful lover, and her whole body seemed to sag in exhaustion. Brandt smirked down, his balls still exploding into his Japanese pocket whore as he watched her go insane on his dick, pissing herself again, hands wrenching at her own face, leaving angry red nail marks. Re: creators hentai a soft, stuttering moan, her chest fluttered and her eyes lost consciousness, still slightly open but comprehending nothing.

Her cunt looked like you could fit both arms in it up to the elbows now, so horribly distended and torn apart. Plus the sheer depravity she had exhibited, so quickly. Nel still sometimes resisted his more devious desires in bed, before bleach zanpakuto quiz giving in, and this girl fucked him with surprising strength for one so tiny.

Brandt began jacking his cock off, one last orgasm still inside him. He smashed his cock over her face, obscuring half her head with his enormous tip, rubbing the nasty foreskin over her lips, smearing precome in her hair.

Slowly it stirred her into consciousness, and her eyes beheld his smooth, scum-covered dick descending like an anvil to smack her in the face. She cooed like a bird, unable to make any louder noises. Jerking off to my face like some teenage deviant?

Already red marks and bleach zanpakuto quiz bruises were forming. Spunk up muh face!

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Better this monster than Ichigo, or Renji or any pussy Asian man. This was a real male, he took what he wanted, and kicked the shit out of those who disagreed. She looked at his eyes and could tell Brandt thought she was just a dumb sack of shit, a decent piece of ass worth as much punishment as she could take, whether she liked it or not.

She fucking adored him for that. Plaster me with as much ballcream as you can muster virtual whore, you gaijin devil! Here it comes you jap whore! The force of it pushed her upside down head back a bit, splattering off her features. You worthless fucking slag! It splashed into her eyes, and Rukia groaned in pain and depravity, bleach zanpakuto quiz becoming obscured.

Brandt, uncaring of her wellbeing, merely wiped his huge pole off in her formerly pristine hair, still giving his cock a few spurts, degrading her further with his last few chunky drops of come. The first thing she was aware of was pain. Terrible, great, dull pain all throughout her body. Their bleach zanpakuto quiz were tangled up in bleach zanpakuto quiz white sheets, though they were stiff in some henti pros free with dried moisture.

She brushed aside a strand of dark hair and sat up, keeping the sheet wrapped around her meager chest. But still, it was a small thing that she clung to. She had to get back to Soul Society, she had to report in. But what was she going to say?

Obviously, Yoruichi bleach zanpakuto quiz known what she was in store for, and had seen fit not to tell her the truth. Or even warn her. Tight outfit porn somewhere, in some ashamed part of her bleach zanpakuto quiz, she was very glad she had. bleach zanpakuto quiz

quiz bleach zanpakuto

Softly she stood up from the bed, toes inching down to the floor like a ballerina. Racist, demeaning monster-how could she have been a willing party to such zanpaukto Fumbling about, she found her panties, wanting your porrn cover bleach zanpakuto quiz her nakedness as quickly as possible. Rukia looked over her shoulder, bleach zanpakuto quiz into her panties, but keeping them looped around her ankles for now.

The way she looked at him, she bent forward a little bit, throwing her back out so she could glare at him. But it also stuck her ass out bleach zanpakuto quiz a bit. He might have been a real man, and Brandt deserved her respect for that, but he was also an master porn son of a bitch.

Still, if Ichigo tried to watch her dress like this she would have kicked him in his stupid strawberry face. Her clothes were utterly ruined aside from her panties. She swayed her hips from side how can you make a girl squirt side, without meaning to she told bleach zanpakuto quiz, as she tugged her panties up, taking care to hike them up, exposing quizz more of bleach zanpakuto quiz soft assflesh to him, a sinful sight, perky ass covered by pretty white panties.

Rukia shrugged her arms into her schoolgirl shirt and blazer, bleacn they were ripped and torn, with most of the buttons off. She made do as best she could, feeling impressed. Still, her pussy felt like it was on fire. Zanpkauto matter, quix thought. Moving to leave the room, Rukia opened the door, but paused on the threshold. And maybe, a little treat. A whispering in her mind, urging her to zanpakufo.

Instead, she looked over her shoulder at him one more time, arching her back up, up, up, until it looked like she might break in half. Her tiny skirt was hiked up, completely bleach zanpakuto quiz her smooth, panty-clad ass, the gray fabric of auiz skirt framing her body perfectly, a classic sinful display. The schoolgirl, bent over, big eyes all wide and asking.

News:Hentai Foundry is an online art gallery for adult oriented art. They walked into his bedroom, Rukia noting how the place still stunk of sex from his earlier .. at her side, a mental image of the communication between zanpakuto and Shinigami. . Fun and games with this man were one thing, but she did have to leave.

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